Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've landed

So I've officially landed in my own space. Although I moved more than two months ago, it is just now that I am in a space that is all my own.

It's interesting, the process of settling in. I find that I easily land, but I don't always fully settle myself before moving on. I've chosen to do a lot of relocating and I haven't always made myself at home, mostly because I have a habit of looking ahead too quickly.

I see it all connected - the ability to focus on a specific creative endeavor and release my passion, being able to fully settle into a home, and choosing to stay in the present and not move too quickly into 'what's next'.

So today, on Halloween, I am choosing to begin the process of settling in - and to allow myself to settle completely. This action will more easily allow my wellspring of creativity to flow out into the world.

I think I'll christen this space by watching Nightmare Before Christmas.

Happy Halloween!

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