Sunday, December 5, 2010

A challenge of experience

My challenge to you this week: Re-learn an experience in your life that has become routine.

Tonight I went running along the winding, hilly path that I ride down every day in my car. Normally I don't like to run on pavement and prefer the woods, but it was late and raining and I didn't want to have a nasty, muddy incident.

It's amazing the experience you can have when you are seeing the usual and comfortable from a new point of view. I experienced the shape of the road differently, I learned cracks and bumps in the pavement that I had never walked on before, I saw the architectural diversity in the houses along the road more acutely than I had before.

When routine becomes a habit and you are on auto-pilot, it's beneficial to jump-start the ordinary and experience what already exists in your life in a new way. So this week, I challenge you all to just that. Re-learn the life you are living, and find new things to be inspired by.

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