Thursday, November 18, 2010


Being sick today isn't like it used to be. I remember being so excited for sick days when I was young. What was better than staying home from school, eating a ton of soup (that was usually made for me), and watching as many movies as I could possibly handle?

Slowly, as I got older, I began to become frustrated because I didn't 'have time' to be sick. Of course it was nice to relax my mind and get a full night's sleep to break up the monotony of stress and 5 hour sleep sessions. However, while getting better, I was only thinking about time I was losing and the extra work I would have to do when I was feeling at least functional enough to be active again; waiting until I was fully better wasn't even on my radar.

Well, this time around I've gotten somewhat lucky. I've gotten sick after my trip, thanks to the wonderful array of fall allergens that are native to the east coast, but it's fallen on the free days I have left before my life starts to really take shape out here. So I can be thankful for that.

Then, I was feeling excited about the prospect of having time to read, write, play guitar, and just generally lounge around and feel creative. A little too hopeful of a thought, I realized. I've got the wrong idea of my blossoming creativity if I expect days when I am bedridden to be my most productive. I find it exhausting to play guitar, and headache-inducing to read anything, and when I try to watch movie after movie my body gets uncomfortable from lying down for so long.

So, to reduce complaining and to make a long story short - I'd love to be writing a different blog entry but I am not feeling up to it. I hope to be at a point tomorrow where I can at least muse on something more exciting.

What my day has been like

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