Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have you ever thought...

¨ What it would be like to sweep after every step you took? 

¨ Whether or not a perfect stranger you walk past on the street enjoys walking in nature?

¨ If a cat sees into your soul, better than you can?

¨ What it feels like for a tree to be thirsty?

¨ When people first made oil out of tree nuts?

¨ How often you would sing if you lived in the decade/century you idolize?

¨ What the world looks 1,000 miles from where you are?

¨ When the first time you smiled was?

¨ What your computer would look like if you could see atomic energy spectrums?

¨ Whether or not the itch will stop on its own if you just don't touch it?

¨ If you have a connection to a person who fell in love today?

¨ About the difference between integrity and kindness?

¨ If you had always collected all of those rubber glue dots that are on commercial mailings and made them into a rubber ball, about how big that ball would be?

¨ What a star really sounds like in space, if you were right next to it?

¨ About the image of vegetables eeking out their nutrients and the dissipation into boiling water?

¨ What it would feel like to slide on your belly, if you were a penguin?

¨ What a firework feels like when it explodes, if you could be right next to it?

¨ If something you say to a group of friends triggers a nostalgic memory which invokes in someone an unrelated scent to fill their nostrils? (not food)

¨ How long an idea was in your unconscious before your conscious became aware of it?

¨ What life would have been like, if you had chosen differently?

¨ What life is like, because you didn't? 

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