Sunday, February 20, 2011

Strange Inventions

It's been raining for the past few days here, and today the sun has finally emerged. Therefore, I thought today would be a good day to post some really strange inventions :-) It turns out the Japanese have a word for such objects - Chindogou.

Man Breast Feeder
Apparently, men got jealous that women held their children at chest level to feed them. Holding a bottle to their mouth the regular way just wasn't the same. Or perhaps it has nothing to do with the child at all....Daddy might need to admit to Mommy that he actually feels like a second Mommy.

Hair Drying Tube
I'm pretty sure that this doesn't solve my needs. If I want anything with my hair dryer to be improved, I want it to at least be completely hands-free. And I can only imagine what my hair would look like when it came out. Guess I could start a new cone-hair trend. 

Hay Fever Hat
This one I could have used while living on the East Coast. Instead of having boxes of tissues everywhere, and tissues in my pocket and purse 'just in case', I could have been wearing my tissues on my head the whole time! It's unfortunate when great insights come after the fact...

Full Body Umbrella
This one would actually almost be really useful - aside from the fact that everywhere you went, you would be burdened with this huge mass of dripping plastic. I'm sure you'd make a lot of friends this way.

Broom Shoes
The only way this makes any sense at all is if you are trying to incorporate your precision footwork practice in all of your waking activities. These wouldn't be worn in public, so one would assume that where you can find these shoes, there is also a normal-sized broom and dustpan to be found. Unless you are very adept with your feet (and therefore could justify practicing your footwork) you wouldn't be very successful in cleaning up any crumbs anyway. I would, however, like to watch someone use this in action. I can imagine a graceful Squat and Twist.

Running Alarm Clock
This thing is hilarious and I  think I want one. It's an alarm clock that runs away from you. If you don't wake up and turn it off, or if you try to hit snooze, it jumps off the bedside table and hides from you. It will bump into things and make a lot of noise trying to find said hiding spot - AND it will look for a different hiding spot every day. Nothing like waking up to a stressful cat-and-mouse chase.

Noodle Face Guard
Who needs hair ties? When I'm out on a date looking beautiful, the last thing I need is to pull back my hair - I took an hour to look this good! It obviously makes more sense to keep my beautiful locks hanging free and to put on a noodle face guard. Be honest - she's a hot date.

Prism Reading Glasses
This invention didn't have any description along with it. My theory? I think they are prism reading glasses: Lay down and be completely relaxed while reading! No more neck tension from holding that head up! Prism Glasses take the images of the pages off your book and divert them down so when you lay on your back and look straight up, there's your book!

USB Toaster
Nothing like being artistic with your food. This USB toaster allows you to jack into your computer and toast whatever images you want into them. I guess that means we're going to have a lot more people seeing the Virgin Mary in their toast...


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