Wednesday, September 29, 2010


You can find hundreds of these all over the Internet, but I thought my blog wouldn't be complete if I didn't include a few of my favorites:

The creepy look on her face makes me think more about a bloody piece of toast for baby Cannibal, rather than the excitement of see-through, cellophane bread bags. 


How soon is too soon to encourage diabetes and addiction? 
Tough question. 

Yes, you absolutely will feel much better about your toothache. 

Maybe if the man learned to put a stamp on a letter, he wouldn't feel so helpless 
and he could ignore the woman's stubborn drama.

Banished. I absolutely love that it will 'banish' your fat. Those sanitized tapeworms will usurp your insides and exile your fat. Or...the tapeworm eats the fat and stays in your system, and your body gets destroyed by a tapeworm and the enemy that is shortening your life has only become the enemy that is less of a threat to your life than the tapeworm you just ingested. 

And the winner...
This needs no commentary. 

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