Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Being on vacation

The idea of being on vacation has quite a powerful effect on the mind. I could be sitting at home with all the time in the world or sitting in a hotel room, on vacation. In which scenario will I feel more relaxed and utilize my time more efficiently? Ironically, in the comfort of my own home I have access to more tools of creativity and more wide blocks of time at my disposal. But, when I'm on vacation, so is my mind.

Eating a meal becomes an exciting event, and when there's time in between touristy adventures, I can write a blog entry or practice guitar and it's fun rather than practice. It's apparently the only time I really allow myself to stop with scheduling and task completion for longer than an hour or two. Gotta figure out how to see life as the vacation.

My creativity has been flowing. I've been going through phases where I write a lot, a lot of it being useless and potentially meaningless, but some things are worthwhile. This, ultimately, is the best approach because in an abundance of rubbish there are at least some things that are inspiring. Conversely, if you have only two pieces of rubbish, your chances of finding inspiration becomes less.

But I also go through stages of observance (while also hoping this isn't giving a fancy word to laziness). In these stages I'm writing less, but I'm a little more exposed in the world, going out a little more, and having conversations or sitting quietly and thinking, rather than keeping my mind attached to the end of a pencil (figuratively, of course - who uses pencils anymore? :-p)

I think now that I've been writing more and I'm gaining more of a sense of how to express my thoughts in a coherent, hopefully engaging way, I'm not needing to write every word that comes through my mind. Anyway, my mind's probably too much to handle, like Charlie Sheen's - you'd all be like, dude, take it back! - ok, that was just a necessary, timely reference.

Aside from the fears that if I don't trap my thoughts right away they will disappear, I think it doesn't hurt for an idea to stew and evolve a little bit before being brought into existence.

So that's my theory in this stage, where I've been less exposed. I've also been quite busy in the work ways, and having a vacation in the middle of it has been nice. I was allowing myself to sink into the hole of endless tasks again - I really have to keep a reign on that.

Well, I've reset and recharged - tomorrow is a new day.

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